Our unparalleled technical knowledge, prompt deliver of quality products and quest to accommodate customer demands, Delta Circuit is a leading manufacturer in the multi-billion dollar telecommunications market.

We provide a full spectrum of printed wiring boards (radio frequency board, back plane, electrically and thermally conductive heat sink on base plate, blind vias and buried vias). Products are manufactured using various raw materials in combination with different dielectric thickness and dielectric constants.

The diversity of our offerings caters the needs of our customers. We support high volume commodity products and very complex custom products along with low-volume needs.

Our on-going investment in technology, research and skill sets keep us on top of the electronic industry. All working members at Delta are highly qualified and trained to meet world class standards to produce and deliver quality product. A wide range of technical support is also available for the clients to produce an ultimate turn key solution.

Our flexible manufacturing systems, yield, unbeatable prices, exceptional understanding of business, superior quality and capabilities, and widely available manufacturing facilities are the top reasons that companies continually turn and return to us.

Here at Delta Circuits, Inc., we acknowledge the loyalty of our customers, the hard work of our employees, and support of our shareholders.

Delta Circuits is A complete one-source solution for your circuit boards.


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