Delta Circuits provides a complete one-source solution to your manufacturing requirements through our comprehensive... changing demands of the electronic industries latest technologies.

RF (Radio Frequency Boards)

Radio Frequency Boards
  • Top to Bottom Alignment .0005" Same Layers
  • Etching ±.0005" (1/2 Oz. Copper)
  • .001" Spacing
  • Measuring Capability for Coupling, Filters, Impendance, Differential Pair measurements in house

Power Amplifier Boards

Power Amplifier Boards
  • Mix Dielectric Multilayer
  • Highly Thermally Conductive Materials
  • Cavity under Power transistor launch area for RF Ground and edge plating
  • Selective Plating
  • Selective Edge Plating

Conductive Thermal or Electrical Adhesive

Conductive Thermal or Electrical Adhesive
  • 2-5 mil Thickness Conductive adhesive
  • Selectively Applied Adhesive
  • Pre cut or Pre Forms
  • Post and Pre fab after attachment
  • Vertical Machining Center Capability
  • DC Resistance measurement Capability

Sweat Soldering

Sweat Soldering
  • Temperature range from 165 deg C- 290 deg C Solder.
  • Selectively Specified area to be attached.
  • Complex Board connection with metal carrier.
  • Metal Coins at power transistor area.
  • Metal back board attached to base plate.

High Count Layers Ceramic filled Multilayer Boards (Certified MIL-PRF-55110,Type 3)

High Count Layers Ceramic filled Multilayer Boards
  • 36 Layers Ceramic filled multilayer
  • Homogeneous Prepreg
  • Precise Layer to Layer Registration
  • X-ray measurement Capability for layer movement and layer to layer registration.

Fusion Bonding

Fusion Bonding
  • 24 Layers Teflon Fusion Bonding Capability (24" X 24")
  • Same Dielectric Constant and Material Properties since fusing the same material as core.
  • Good Control with material movement in X,Y & Z directions.

FEP Bonding

FEP Bonding
  • Pure FEP Bonding , Very low loss .0002
  • Excellent at high frequency

High Power RF Component Boards

High Power RF Component Boards
  • Up to 0.500" thick multilayer boards
  • Cavity to middle layer for RF Connection
  • Hole Castellation
  • Selective Edge plating for RF Grounding

Printed Antenna on Multilayer Boards

Printed Antenna on Multilayer Boards
  • ±.0005" Line Width Tolerances.
  • ± .0005" Spacing Tolerances
  • Cavity mount for Circulators.
  • Single Side 36" X 100" largest Size board

Back Plane

Back Plane
  • Double and Multilayer largest board size 30" X 52"
  • Back Plane Layers up to 48
  • Largest board size 30" X 52"
  • Aspect Ratio of 18:1


  • Smallest Platted vias 1.9 mil (Laser or Mechanical drilling)
  • Via Filled with Non Conductive and Conductive Epoxy
  • Vial Plate and Shut.
  • Via in Pad with Caps
  • 18:1 Aspect Ratio Panel to Drill(Pulse Plating Rectifier)

Blind /Buried Vias

Blind Buried Vias
  • Blind, Buried vias and Blind/Buried Vias
  • Sequential Lamination
  • Depth Control drilling/Laser depth control 1:1 Ratio
  • Mix Dielectric: Combination of Teflon, Getek, Rogers Duroid 4350, Nelco 400, NL 2000, FR 406 & 408 & many more
  • Selective to pocket depth in layers for immediate RF ground for power transistor or metal slugs.


  • 20 mil ball grid array
  • 100% electrical testing with Flying Probe or Electrical Fixture.
  • With Via in Pad
  • With micro vias.

Surface Finisher

Surface Finisher
  • Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold
  • Immersion Tin
  • HASL,OSP,Virgin Tin,Bare Copper
  • Wire Bondable Gold

Rigid /Flex

Rigid Flex
  • Flex
  • Flex Multilayer
  • Rigid/Flex

Thin Laminates

  • 0.002"- .005"
  • Critical Geometry

Single Side Antenna Boards

  • up to 96" long board


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